Wednesday, January 16, 2013

World Building

So, being an author is sometimes a bit more intense than people may assume.  You've got to do more than just make up a story and put it on paper.  You have to make sure everything is logical, even in fantasy stories, and you need to make sure the characters are unique enough that they don't blend together, and they have to be consistent, and you have to build your world.
Now, let's halt right there and explain world-building.  This is not specific to fantasy worlds, believe it or not.  Every writer has to build their stories' worlds, whether it's a country, an entire world, or just a home.  Any of these could be considered a "world."  Each has their own unique history and rules.  You need to know these rules in order to really understand your stories. 
When I first heard of this idea, I admit I thought it was stupid.  I knew my world!  What were they talking about!  This sounded so boring!  But then I was having trouble with one of my stories, and I realized that it was because I didn't know anything about the world I was working in.
So I dragged my feet to my little black book, where I keep all the secret information about my books, and found a fresh page to sketch out a map.  And I discovered something.
World-building is ridiculously fun!  It just adds to the author's already bloated ego, because they get to decide what kind of wars this country has been through, and what kind of government that country has... the power is intoxicating!  >:)
So, here's to trying new things!

Fare thee well, friend!

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