Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So, I have recently discovered the joys and wonders of the amazing (attractive) Sherlock Holmes, as portrayed in BBC's "Sherlock."  All Sherlock Holmes movies I've seen are funny, but this one is actually relatable!  It's a contemporary version, Sherlock is cute, and, while watching, I've discovered something:  I have more in common with Sherlock Holmes than I realized.
For one thing, I was doing homework yesterday involving proofs (you remember those, right, those freakin' annoying problems where you have to prove why this is this, when everyone and their dog knows that it's right?).  I hate proofs, with a passion. I realized that both Sherlock and I hate having to prove our logic. 
Another thing is that bad things tend to happen when we get bored.  Granted, Sherlock shoots holes in the wall, and I just write a really bad rough draft for my homework, but still.  Oh, and we both wear scarves! ;)
In any case, Sherlock is amazing.

Fare thee well, friend!

Friday, October 26, 2012


Fluffy white flakes, floating gently from the sky...
I love snow!  Don't necessarily love driving in it, but I do love snow!  Something about the cold in the air reminds me that I'm alive!  Plus I love winter fashions, the scarves and boots and things...
It's funny to watch a class full of college students go berserk over snow, though.  Not that we saw much of it, but still.
Sorry, I'm a bit random today.  Lack of sleep, cold weather, you know the drill.  In any case, I love this weather!  Welcome to winter, my friends!

Fare thee well, friend!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Done!

There are two things I hate when it comes to writing classes.  One is research.  I hate looking things up for school.  If it's for one of my books, I'm all for it!  If it's for an assignment, it is beyond boring.
The other thing I hate is group work.  Growing up, I was in that awkward category where you're willing to work, and not all that popular, which meant that when it came time for group work, either a) the teacher would assign me to work with a group that wouldn't do anything just so they could turn something in, or b) the teacher let us pick our own groups, I would get picked last, and the teacher would assign me to a group that wouldn't do anything anyway.
Yeah.  I really hate group work.
Can you guess what I just had to do in my writing class?
Now, this time I wasn't actually stuck with a group that wouldn't do anything.  It was actually mostly a great group.  The problem was that I couldn't find any good research, and then I misunderstood certain deadlines, and one girl was so freaking antagonistic and was making me feel stupid even though I didn't need much help with that because I already felt like I was ruining everything and...
Needless to say, I'm glad we finally turned that stupid paper in today.  There's a reason my preferred sport is an individual sport.

Fare thee well, friend!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Written for Someone Else

So, a few weeks ago I had something really special happen, and I thought I would share it.
See, for those of you who don't know, my absolute favorite author is Shannon Hale.  She wrote The Goose Girl, Princess Academy, and most importantly for me, Forest Born.  A few years ago, I was struggling with a bit of depression.  I don't know how really serious it was.  I was never diagnosed with anything.  The point was I firmly believed that if I were to die, no one would ever care.
There were several things that helped me get through this period.  One of them was Shannon Hales Forest Born.  Everything about her character, Rin, was exactly the way I was feeling: invisible, unimportant, overlooked, and overshadowed by those more outgoing than myself.  Reading about Rin's journey and her learning about her own uniqueness and importance really helped me.  I think that book inspired me more than anything else I've read.
Well, a few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet Mrs. Hale.  She was doing book-signing at the local Barnes and Nobles.  I was so excited to finally have the chance to meet this woman who had changed my life!
I admit I was nervous at first.  How was I supposed to tell her how she'd helped me?  Was it even worth it?  Would she care?
I started simple.  I just had to know.  I asked her where her inspiration for Rin had come from.  Her answer stopped my heart.
She told me that all her other characters had been really easy, because she was writing them for herself.  Rin was difficult because, somehow, she felt like she was writing Rin for someone else.
There could be many girls Shannon Hale wrote Rin's story for.  But I know that if it was only written for one person in the world, that person was me.  Heavenly Father uses our abilities to strengthen others.  May we always remember the love that God has for us, and be willing to put out talents to His purposes, because He can make more of us than we could ever make of ourselves.

Fare thee well, friend!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Stupid Break

I officially hate my school's policy on breaks.  Mainly because we don't get them.
Oh sure, we get the MAJOR holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we get out earlier than most other schools, but that doesn't really make you feel better when you wake up two or three hours before you really want to, and everyone else is sleeping in because they're on break, and you're going crazy because you have a million and one projects you need to get done, and if you had ONE break day you know you could do it without going crazy...

Fare thee well, friend!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Owl City

I officially love Owl City's Midsummer Station album.  Actually, I officially love Owl City, but lately I've been listening to this particular album, and the music is so beautiful!  My two favorites at the moment are "Paper Tigers" and "Silhouette."  I find them very soothing.  Look them up!  They're lovely!  Though I also enjoy "Embers" and "Dreams and Disasters."
Such a talented man.

Fare thee well, friend!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Long time no see...

Wow.  Sorry I haven't updated in so long, guys.  School and all that.  Hey, did you all see the newest episode of "Once Upon a Time?"  If not, SHAME!  Watch it.  Now.
Unless, of course, you haven't seen the first season.  In which case: Watch it.  Now.
Just saying, Mulan and Aurora are going to be an intensely epic friendship... once they learn to put their differences aside.
So yeah... about school... Can you believe I'm already taking midterms?  The semester is already a third of the way over!  I want to rejoice!  I cannot wait to start a new semester and be done with these classes!  Not that I dislike them, I just want to do different classes... that don't involve three-hour breaks... so I can actually get a job... :)
On the plus side, I got my license!  I can finally drive!  It feels both wonderful, and terrifying!  Hopefully I don't kill anyone! ;)  Still plan on taking the bus for the rest of the semester, though.  I don't want to deal with all the traffic around campus.  What a nightmare!
In any case, I promise to try to update more often!  Hopefully I'll see you soon!

Fare thee well, friend!