Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So, I have recently discovered the joys and wonders of the amazing (attractive) Sherlock Holmes, as portrayed in BBC's "Sherlock."  All Sherlock Holmes movies I've seen are funny, but this one is actually relatable!  It's a contemporary version, Sherlock is cute, and, while watching, I've discovered something:  I have more in common with Sherlock Holmes than I realized.
For one thing, I was doing homework yesterday involving proofs (you remember those, right, those freakin' annoying problems where you have to prove why this is this, when everyone and their dog knows that it's right?).  I hate proofs, with a passion. I realized that both Sherlock and I hate having to prove our logic. 
Another thing is that bad things tend to happen when we get bored.  Granted, Sherlock shoots holes in the wall, and I just write a really bad rough draft for my homework, but still.  Oh, and we both wear scarves! ;)
In any case, Sherlock is amazing.

Fare thee well, friend!

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