Saturday, January 12, 2013

Much Ado About Lockhart

So, I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but some of the fencers, myself included, will get together on Friday nights after saber to watch a movie.  I think it started when we wanted to get caught up on all the Marvel movies before The Avengers came out, and then we wanted to watch movies that involved sword-fighting so we could laugh at the staging, and it kind of just went from there. 
Well, I was describing my Shakespeare class to Coach, and then Little Brother (I seriously need to come up with more creative names) begged Coach to never take a Shakespeare class, at which point we all got highly offended, as he was insulting the greatest playwright of all time!  Well, we told Heather about it, and she determined to make a believer out of him.  So for movie night last night, Heather brought Much Ado About Nothing.  The version with Kenneth Branaugh(?).  I have no idea how to spell his last name.  Anyway, we enjoyed the movie, I don't remember ever laughing at Shakespeare so much, which is saying something, because Shakespearean comedies are amazing!  I think it was the facial expressions.  That and watching the guy that played Lockhart in The Chamber of Secrets skipping through a fountain because he thought the woman that played Trelawny might be in love with him.
Yeah.  It was great.

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. My favorite "comedy" is Hamlet! They had someone come and preform it when I was in HS and I don't know when I have ever laughed so hard at Shakespeare before either!

    1. Personally, I find Hamlet fascinating, especially the David Tenant version. He dances the line between madness and sanity perfectly! I have to say, I think Horatio is the saddest character in the play, because he's the one left behind to deal with it all.