Friday, January 4, 2013


So many beautiful colors... so many gorgeous designs...  It makes me wish I had participated in more high school dances.  I was helping Mia pick out a dress for her formal dance, and found myself not helping so much as wishing I could try on the dresses myself.  If any of you were wondering, she chose a beautiful pale pink one with gold embroidery.  She looks stunning, her poor date won't know what hit him!  Or should I say that lucky kid...?
Seeing all these dresses gave me pause.  Why don't adult women get the chance to wear these kinds of dresses more often?  I mean, they have their wedding, but then they have to wear all white, and it's way too expensive to get bridesmaids all matching dresses that are that gorgeous.  But every woman likes to dress up and look elegant.  Why aren't normal, every day women given that chance more often?
Hmm, maybe I'll look into something like that... after this semester... ;)

Fare thee well, friend!

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