Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Um... Actually, I Think I'll Keep That...

So, my lovely friend Kay is kind enough to keep me updated on writing contests and the like that she thinks I would be interested in, since I'm too lazy to look for them myself. ;)  She's the reason I knew about the fairy tale anthology.  So she told me I should write a story up for a super hero anthology she found, and I was rather excited about it.  I'd had this idea that was a bit out of my usual writing comfort zone, and I was eager to give it a shot. 
Yesterday, thanks to my break from school, I was able to take the time I needed to write up the story.  I was so excited!  I loved my protagonist, and I really loved the supporting characters, and the villains...
And then I realized I'd run into a problem.  I didn't want to submit it.  I love the story so much I wanted to keep working with it, and make it into a novel. 
So, here's me, getting ready to write up a new story, so I can keep the one I've got.  Even though it didn't work out, I would like to say thanks to the prompt that gave me the "oomph" to get this story going!  I just know I'll love it!

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. :o) I have another story I have been working on, I really want you to read it, but I am only 30 or so pages in and I want to be mostly done with it before, I have a feeling you will love it! I have been working on it for the past 3 years or so. :o) Keep up with yours!