Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Shakespeare

Well, I started my new Shakespeare class today, and I have to say I think I'll enjoy it.  I'm definitely sad to say good-bye to my old class, and my professor, but I do have one of my old classmates in this new class, and the new professor seems very passionate about the subject, so I think I'll get along well in this class. 
So, pros of the new class: Large class, so I actually feel more comfortable commenting.  I think in a smaller class it's a bit intimidating, since participating regularly allows people to make judgements about you and reinforce those judgements.  In a large class, people can and will forget about you seconds after your comment was made.
Cons of the new class: Late in the day.  I hate classes that start late.  I feel like I have none of my day left afterward.
So, here's hoping I will enjoy this class, as well as hoping my old professor will recover quickly!  I look forward to spending time in England with her next year, since, if all goes well, she'll be one of the professors heading the study abroad!

Fare thee well, friend!

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