Thursday, January 24, 2013


I should have known how this morning would go when I saw the freezing rain.
See, we never, EVER getting freezing rain.  It just doesn't happen.  So when I went to catch the bus, it was late, which means I was late to my Shakespeare class, which is my favorite, by the way. 
Turns out it didn't matter much, though.  Yesterday my professor found out she has a tumor in her kidney, so she had to cancel the class to be treated. 
So I have a few options.  The first option is that I just switch to a different Shakespeare class.  Trouble is, the only one I can switch to is from three to four.  I HATE being on campus that long!  I feel like I have none of my day left!  Then again, I would at least be able to finish the course.
See, the problem is, the second option is looking much more appealing to me.  See, this same professor will be heading a study abroad in London next winter semester, and she really wants me to join.
Study abroad.  In.  London!  LONDON!!!! 
My one problem is payment, but if I can manage to find a job, I'll have an entire year to save up!  We'll be visiting Wales, Scotland, and Ireland as well, and I've always wanted to visit!  Seriously, life-long dream here, just plopped into my lap!
I guess you know what my answer will be. :)  My one other thought is that I need to either find a new class to take this semester, which the department is willing to help with, or I can drop it this time around and spend that time looking for a job.  Thoughts?

Fare thee well, friend!

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  1. Thoughts????? Are you Crazy???? Do it!!! This is what you are in college for!!!! To experience as much of life around you (before you get stuck with one choice for a long time, which will be a good choice, but still) You may never get this kind of opportunity again! Take it and run with it!!!