Tuesday, April 16, 2013

She Said My Name!

I have many siblings.  Seven, to be exact.  Five of these are older than I am by at least five years, which means I have many nieces and nephews.  It's a lot of fun for me, but generally from afar.  See, I'm the boring aunt that enforces Mom and Dad's rules. ;)  However, there is one niece that doesn't seem to think I'm boring: Mally.  That's probably because I tend to babysit her more than the others, but I'll take what I can get.
Now, the thing about being the boring aunt is that I tend to get ignored.  And since Mia tends to be the favorite aunt (she's really good with kids), and our names are so similar (Mira, Mia), if any of them want to get my attention, they'll say her name for either one of us.  (I do admit, though, her name is easier for little kids. ;)).
However, just a few days ago, I discovered something.
Mally has a name for me.  I didn't realize it at first, because it sounds similar to Mama, but then when I was visiting them earlier this week, I heard her say Mama, and then I heard her say "Mema."  It took me a couple minutes, but I finally realized that she knew my name!  She wasn't trying to call me Mia, she was trying to actually say my name!
I felt very special.
By the way, kudos to anyone who can guess the reference in the title (coughSarniccoughcough)!

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. Well since there aren't too many other than mine that can talk, I don't think it's too hard to figure out, especially since that one lives behind you. ;o)

  2. Yeah, your little ones lived behind me too, and they were always calling me Mia. ;)