Friday, April 26, 2013

Back in Uniform

Because of finals and the end of the school year, I haven't been able to go fencing in about six weeks.  I missed my fencing friends!!!  I mean, I see Kay nearly every day, and I see Heather at the library sometimes (she works there), but for everyone else, I rely on fencing for a chance to see them.  It's been a rather lonely couple of weeks.
But no more!  With school out for the summer (no way am I taking spring/summer classes while I'm trying to save for London), my nights are now homework free, which means I can now enjoy fencing as much as I like! 
It feels good to be back in the uniform, even if everyone kicked my trash last night because I'd been gone so long. ;)  On the plus side, I nearly beat our resident leftie, which is next to impossible to do (seriously, lefties are so hard to fence!)!

Fare thee well, friend!

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