Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I don't necessarily have a problem with dodgeball.  In fact, I will usually play it when suggested.  However, it's not my favorite game.  Why?  Because I happen to be one of the unathletic people who spend the majority of the game up against a wall, waiting for someone to catch a ball to let me back in.  I'm just not good at dodging.
But last night, the rules changed.
Someone suggested dodgeball for fhe, but it was a new form.  It was more of a mash-up of dodgeball and capture-the-flag.  The best part?  They set up tables as shields.  I could now enjoy being in the fore-front of the game without all that much risk of being the first to go out.
Your legs do get a bit sore after ducking so much, though. ;)

Fare tee well, friend!

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