Sunday, April 7, 2013

Busy, Busy!

Hello, all!  Sorry I didn't post yesterday, there was so much going on!  Hopefully I'll be able to post again later to make up for that...
So, like I said, yesterday was crazy.  See, it's general conference weekend.  At nine-thirty my older brother had a baby blessing for his son.  Usually they would do it during sacrament meeting at church, but this was the only weekend both grandfathers would be able to make it, so he got special permission from the bishop to do it at his home on a Saturday. ;) 
Well, after that, we had the first two-hour bloc of General Conference, which was absolutely amazing!  If you missed it, or are just interested in seeing it, you can check out  They're pretty good at uploading the new videos quickly.
After that, though, I had to go clean Dad's office (my weekend job ;)), and then take a shower, because directly after the next Conference bloc I would need to do my shift at the library, and I wanted to look at least semi-presentable.  So yes, shower, Conference, library, in that order.  When I got home, Dad and Jake had already gone to the priesthood session, and Mom and Mia were at Deseret Book.  Apparently they have a sale for women during the priesthood session.  I was actually about to post then, while I was home alone, but then Kay and Sarnic came by, since we were all going to party while the men were gone. :)  We met Mom and Mia for dinner at Mimi's Cafe, then browsed at Barnes and Nobles for a while.  Mia found this interesting-looking book about Will Scarlet actually being a girl... Looked pretty good.  Then I dropped Sarnic off at her and Kay's apartment, since we were going to watch Merlin when we got home, and she wasn't interested.  We finally finished the fourth season!
Well, then it was time for bed, so that's why I didn't post.  That was a very long and detailed explanation.  Sorry.

Fare thee well, friend!

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