Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rockers and Fairies and Dwarves... Oh My!

I love my brother Mark's family.  Just saying.  He's always been such a good friend to me.  He's the one that helped me learn guitar!  And how to sing properly!  He's awesome.  And his wife, Kar, is so sweet and kind and wise.  You can always go to her for advice, and she can make you feel so relaxed.  And their two kids are absolutely adorably.  Their daughter has me wrapped around her little finger.
And then there's Kar's sister, Ju.  Technically I'm not related to her, but I wish I was.  She's just that awesome.  She's the kind of person that makes you laugh, all the time, and she has a laugh that's so contagious in and  of itself that it's next-to-impossible to frown around her.  Now, Ju is studying to become a make-up artist, and she is brilliant at what she does!  A couple years ago for Halloween she made Mark black (remember, we're all descended from Celts: very Caucasian).  He showed up on our doorstep with dredlocks (his hair is short and red), and this terrifying scowl.  He nearly scared Jake to death!
Well, with finals coming up, Ju wanted to bulk up her portfolio a bit, so she asked if we wanted to head over to Mark's house so she could practice make-up on us.  She started with Mark and made him a punk-rocker. :)  She used hair gel and eye-shadow to make the tips of his hair blue (it had to be able to wash out for church today), and then she had magnetic hoop earrings he stuck in his nose and lip, and she even gave him a soul patch!  Heh.  I could recognize him, but that's because I watched it happen.  He walked over to my parents', and Dad didn't recognize him when he opened the door.
Then Ju did Jake and made him a dwarf.  Now, Jake is too young to grow a beard; she made him look like a forty-year-old dwarf.  Serious talents, people.  It was funny watching her put the facial hair on, though, because it was apparently really ticklish, and he was trying so hard not to laugh.
I got to go next.  She made me an ice fairy!  It was weird, because I couldn't see what she was doing, and I felt completely normal, even when she was using the airbrush (that was pretty epic!).  Of course, then she started sticking sequins and sparkly things on my face.  She had to use tree sap because I'm slightly allergic to latex.  When she was finally finished, I could hardly recognize myself!  It was awesome!  Though, later when I was trying to take the make-up off, I had a star-shaped glob of glue on my forehead left from the tree sap. ;)
Unfortunately, we had to leave then, because it was eleven at night, so I missed seeing Kar's make-up.  She was gonna be a warrior princess!  Can't wait to see the pictures!

Fare thee well, friend!

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