Thursday, August 1, 2013

More Time

I wish I had it.  There's just so much I want/need to do, and so little time to do it in!  This is probably the reason I keep staying up so late...
I just, I wanna write, and I wanna (sort of) work (so I can has monies), and I wanna spend time with friends, and I want to help people... and often, there's just not enough time to do it all.  I suppose that's why we're supposed to learn to prioritize, huh?
So, any time management tips?

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. Do you remember, in your 12th grade English class, Mrs. G made you write a couple of things you wanted to get done, and then made you put a number between five and one next to it, depending on importance? And then the next day, you would up each number by one for importance? I do that, sometimes. It helps. I feel your pain, though. Never enough time...

  2. This is probably why K-chan and I have started having writing hangouts: You kill two birds with one stone! Still, there's never enough time in a day to do everything...