Saturday, August 10, 2013


Haha, I can get online today! 
Well, last night was a bittersweet moment, for we bid farewell to one of our fencers.  He's heading up north for college, and will therefore no longer to able to visit our lovely Center during the school year.  Lame.  But on the positive side, goodbye party means food, and movies, and friends!  We ordered pizza, (as usual), and Mia made brownies (which makes her an angel, because not only are her brownies amazing, she just had jaw surgery and has had to have her mouth wired shut, which means she couldn't partake in her brownies herself), and Mace brought doughnuts!  And then we watched Tangled.  I think that has to be Disney's greatest princess movie, if only because it appeals to both boys and girls. :)
Best moment of the night?  Coach asked if anyone wanted to bless the food, and Kay piped up, "I volunteer as tribute!"
Then Aron chimes in, "I volunteer to take her place!"
Of course we all laughed about it, and Coach joked that they should fight for it, at which point Kay pointed out that she had beaten Aron during fencing, which meant she won.  She went to start the prayer.  We all had our arms folded and our eyes closed.  And suddenly, instead of the opening to the prayer, we hear "En guarde..."  We lost it again.  ;)
Yep.  Fun times.  Love me my fencing friends!

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. You guys have NO IDEA the torment I went through making and NOT partaking in those delicious brownies... :'(

    1. Well, you did partake later, in a shake... but that does not nullify your incredible baking sacrifice!