Thursday, August 15, 2013

Don't Knock With That Hand

There I was.  Trying desperately to keep my points up for the team bout.  My opponent's sword comes flying at me... I move to parry...
In other words, lunge+bad parry=a very painful hit.  And when that hit is on your finger... yeah.  Pain.  I tried to shake it off and keep fencing, but I lost the bout anyway.  When I finally pulled the glove off, guess what joyous red liquid I found?  I suppose I wasn't bleeding, per se, but the hit was hard enough that skin broke.  Now I have a lovely purple circle on my knuckle, which has made me realize something: I use that knuckle more than I thought.  For example, when I went to my piano lesson with Kar, I strolled up to the door, admiring the work that had been done in the yard earlier (seriously, it looked great), and without really thinking of anything in particular, I knocked on the door.
At which point I started thinking, "Idiot, WHY would knock with that hand?!"
Yeah.  Interesting week.
In happier news, the sequel to The Swan Prince is coming out soon, and I'm so excited!  Titled The Stone Kingdom, it looks to be even better than the first, which is saying something, because The Swan Prince was a truly enjoyable read.  You can learn more about the sequel at

Fare thee well, friend!

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