Friday, August 16, 2013

Random Phone Calls

Y'know, I'm actually not supposed to answer the phones at work.  However, I do have a phone at my desk, and occasionally clients ask for me specifically.  So if it rings at my desk, I answer.
I don't know how these people are getting this number.
I get back from lunch and as I sit at the desk, the phone rings.  I roll my eyes, expecting someone complaining, and instead I get, "Hi, this is so-and-so, may I speak to the president?"  My thoughts: Um, you want to speak to the president, but you're speaking to me, which means you didn't go through our receptionist.  How did you get this number?  Of course, I didn't say that.  What I said was: "Why are you calling?"
Him: "It's personal."
O.O  Well okay then.  So I put him on hold and call up the president: "Hey, this guy is calling to see you?"
Pres: "Ugh, I know what he's calling about.  Tell him I'm not interested."
O.O  Okay then.  Take the guy off hold: "He's... not interested?"
"Oh, okay.  Bye!"  Hangs up.
My thoughts: Okay, that was weird.
Not thirty seconds later I get another phone call.  My thoughts: Oh, please don't tell me he's calling back!  I pick up the phone, and I hear a recorded voice saying, "Hi, this is such and such.  It looks like we missed you, so give us a call at..."  My thoughts: Is... is this an answering machine?  Did I just get called by an answering machine?!
Apparently so.  I hung up, laughed about it with coworkers, and went back to work.
Five minutes later.
Phone rings, and I'm starting to get exasperated.  I pick up: "Hi, this is this and that home insurance company, how are you?"
"Uh... fine?"  My thoughts:  You guys know you just called a business, right?
And so they continue, "We highly recommend you buy this home insurance company, because..."
"I don't own a home."
"Oh, you don't?  Oh, well, uh, we're sorry for taking up your time.  Have a nice day!"
And just to top off the weirdness, maybe fifteen minutes later, the blasted thing rang again, and when I picked up, there was no one on the other end.

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. *Plays Twilight Zone music* You're about to go on a sci-fi adventure, Mira. Take pictures for me?