Saturday, December 22, 2012

Playing Pool

So, apparently I've been playing pool wrong my entire life.  Not that I really play it all that often, but it seems that when I have played it, I've been mixing up rules.  I now officially know how to play 9 ball and 10 ball.  I also know that I am awful, and that Kay's little brother can beat the socks off of me any day of the year.  Oh, and apparently we're missing a ball.  Oh dear.
So, I wish I could explain the rules to you here, but I just know I would botch it up, so I won't bother.  You can probably look it up online or something.
Oh, and just so I can vent my feelings on this subject: ONCE UPON A TIME SPOILER ALERT!
I think Archie's gonna die.  And I don't want Archie to die!  He's one of my favorite characters!  Seriously, though, the description for the next episode involves Regina being blamed for murdering a beloved fairy tale character... and the title is "The Cricket Game."  PLEASE DON'T KILL OFF ARCHIE!  I LIKE HIM TOO MUCH!
Okay.  There's my vent.

Fare thee well, friend!

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