Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm a... Fairy?

So, I had another weird dream last night.  I'm thinking I should stop trying to come up with story plots before bed. 
I dreamed that I was fighting someone, and then I got turned into a smurf.  Yes.  A smurf.  Except then they turned me back into a human, but I wasn't completely human, because I was still little.  Then I had wings to go along with my small stature, and I was one of the blue/green fairies (I think we kept changing colors), and we were fighting against the black fairies, and they were supposed to be evil, but some of my friends were with them for personal reasons, and I knew my friends weren't evil, and I wanted to know why they had joined the opposite army, and then I was being chased by a bunch of black fairies through a courtyard, and a kitchen, and I was terrified because they couldn't catch me, but I finally escaped!  Victory!
Despite its oddity, it was one of the funnest dreams I've ever had!  Who knows, maybe it'll spawn a new book idea!  Haven't worked with fairies much, though.  It'll be an interesting experience.

Fare thee well, friend!

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