Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zebra Stripes

As a writer, I have many notebooks.  Most of them contain really cheesy writing exercises (ie, stuff that no one else is EVER allowed to see), but I do have one that I consider essential to my work.  In it I keep everything on my characters, my worlds, etc.  I call it my black book, because it is black (so creative, I know). 
Well, recently my poor black book has had a rough time, and the binding was beginning to crack.  This irritated me a bit, because everything else about the book looks picture perfect.  I was miffed because gluing it wouldn't work and would still show off the crack, and Scotch tape would come off in a few days (that stuff isn't very sturdy).  Then I had a brilliant idea: duct tape!  Duct tape fixes everything, right?  Except, I didn't want to use normal duct tape, because that would look boring.  So I decided to use that fun, bright-colored tape you find in craft stores.
Yesterday I finally had time to get to my favorite craft store (Hobby Lobby if you were interested), and began hunting down my tape.  Up and down the aisles I went, and no luck.  Beginning to get a little worried, I went "upstairs" to check their painting section (it's really just up a ramp).  I wasn't sure where to look, when suddenly, glancing to the right, I spotted them!  Pink, yellow, beautiful!  I eagerly dashed down the aisle, and then I stopped in sudden confusion.  There were so many colors to pick from!  How was I supposed to choose?!
And then I noticed something rather fun.  Zebra striped tape!
I tried to avoid it.  After all, I don't usually go for the zebra stripe look.  But I kept thinking about how neat it would look on my black book, and finally, my resolve caved.  Now my black book is looking better than ever, with its attractive zebra stripe binding!

Fare thee well, friend!

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