Saturday, February 2, 2013


No, I do not mean the snack food company... though I wish they would sell their recipes.  I miss the ding-dongs. 
I mean that, tonight, I "get" to play hostess.  To a family reunion.
Now, there are a few things you should understand.  The first is that it didn't start out as a family reunion.  It was originally going to be a couple of girl cousins getting together to watch the "Mormon" Pride and Prejudice, (which is hilarious, by the way, it's the modern one with the pink cover), but then someone started calling other people, and now we have who-knows-how-many people coming over, to watch a movie, in a house that is ill-equipped to handle that many people.
The second is that this was supposed to happen next week, when Mom would be in town, but events conspired against us, and we had to schedule it this week, when Mom wouldn't be in town, which means, as the eldest at home, I will be in charge.
Do you have any idea how bad I am at being in charge?  Coach put me in charge of fencing once, and I had a nervous breakdown afterward. 
So, to sum up, in about an hour we will have a house full of too many guests, including aunts, who will be much older than the person "hosting" the whole affair, who happens to hate being in charge of anything.

Fare thee well, friend!

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