Sunday, March 17, 2013


Wow, sorry it's been so long, this has been one of my more hectic weeks.  I think school is a very selfish creature who wants all the students' time to himself.  In any case I apologize for the wait.
Another reason I didn't post last night at least, however, is that I was doorbell-ditching cookies!  See, Mia wanted to give cookies to a couple friends who were having a hard time, so yesterday we (meaning me, Mia, Kay, and Jake), all got into Kay's car, plugged the address into her GPS, and headed off to spread the joy of cookies! 
It was... interesting.  They live fairly far away, hence the GPS, and said GPS likes to take any route that will get her near the freeway.  Strange machine.  In any case, when we finally found the right house, we realized with some trepidation that there were no cars in their driveway, they were at the end of the street, and there was nothing to hide behind.  In addition, we knew that if they saw the car, they would recognize us and call us out, so we had to park rather far away.  However, we solved this by deciding to hide at the side of the house, then booking it for the car when they went back inside/started chasing us.  Mia and Kay being the fastest runners, they were volunteered to put the cookies on the porch and ring the bell.  Jake and I waited in hiding.
It was dark, and a little cold, where we waited.  Soon, we heard the footsteps in the grass that meant Kay and Mia were coming back.  We waited with baited breath, listening for the sound of the door opening... nothing.  Perturbed, Kay and Mia crept back to check it out.  A few seconds later, they crept back to us and gestured to run for the car.
Off we took across the grass, terrified of being caught.  I was in the back, looking for the first sight of Kay's car, when suddenly...
Turns out ballet flats aren't great for running in.  You'd think I would have figured that out sooner.
My foot slipped on the cool grass, and I fell face-first.  I didn't actually hit my face, but it was close enough.  ;)

Fare thee well, friend!

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