Friday, June 1, 2012

Who's singing?

So, we got back from fencing tonight, and my brother decided he wanted a snack.  While he was spending time in the kitchen, eating whatever he was eating, he mentioned that he was hearing music.  Myself being on my computer, I was asked if I was listening to something.  They also checked my mother's bedroom, the iTunes on the computer outside, and I even wondered if the high school might be having another party where the music is being blasted as loud as possible. 
It was none of these.
Eventually, we realized it was coming from the kitchen.  Then mother realized it was coming...
From the trash can.
Yes.  The trash can.
Guess we threw away an iPod that wasn't completely dead.

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. Wow, niiiice job, guys. ;P But as a side note, you really should have sent people personal e-mails so that we would know FOR SURE whose blog this is. I only vaguely remember you talking about putting up a blog... I was all, 'I think I know whose blog this is, but...' Anyways, once you started talking about fencing I was very relieved. Tee hee~
    And if you're wondering... this is the blue Kay-chan... the non-vampire, Akatsuki-cloak-wearing, v-ball obsessed one. For clarification.