Thursday, June 21, 2012


I realized something somewhat annoying about myself today.  I guess it had registered a bit before, but today was when I realized, "Hey, I do this on a regular basis!"  What is it?  I make noises when I'm startled.
Ordinarily, that wouldn't be a problem for most people, right?  Except, I'm not most people.  Everyone makes noises when they're startled, right?  I'm not everyone.  I startle easily.  Very easily.  It's the reason little brother is able to scare me every time I walk down the stairs, even though I know he's going to do it again.  So, solution to the problem?  Either be more wary, or stop making noises.
It is unclear whether these solutions are possible.

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. What about dear Miam? Huh? What am I? Chopped sista?

  2. Chopped sista? I thought your blog said it all: YOU ARE MIAM!
    By the way Mira, I love it when you sqeak! It's like screaming, but cuter... ;)