Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dusty Days

Y'know, most days I really enjoy working in the garden.  It's a pleasant way to just take some time to think and enjoy the day.  However, I really prefer working in the kitchen.  The reason for this is that, while gardening most days can be beautiful, there are some days when being outside is a really bad idea.  Days like yesterday.
I hate allergy season.  I hate having my nose itch, and I hate sneezing.  Guess what happened yesterday?
We had that crazy windstorm.  Bleh.  And I was gardening in that windstorm.  Bleh.  And there was a lot of dust in that crazy windstorm that made my nose itch and sneeze.  BLEH! 
I think today I'll just hide out inside. :)

Fare thee well, friend!

1 comment:

  1. Ya know, static inside isn't a bad idea because it happens to be freezing out there. It's in the 50's/60's and I've already gotten used to the high 80's low 90's. I thought it was supposed to be summer for crying out loud!