Saturday, June 9, 2012


So today we went to the Scottish Festival at Thanksgiving Point!  It was fun!  Everything was horribly overpriced, but it was still fun.  I think the best part was watching the big, buff men in kilts trying to prove their manliness by chucking a big weight over a bar.  One of them would consistently throw his weight so that it landed withing inches of his face, and he never even flinched, even though the audience was terrified.  I think he was doing it on purpose.  We stopped watching after one of them accidentally threw his weight and knocked the bar down. 
Y'know the most depressing part?  I finally found somewhere I could actually get a cloak with a hood.  Except, they were sixty bucks!  So I wasn't going to buy them, only then I decided I really, really wanted one, so I decided I would get one.  Then when I looked at them again, I realized there were no really cute ones that I would consider being worth sixty bucks, so I ended up not getting one anyway.  Oh well.  I'll just get my own material and ask a friend to make me one.  That way I can have more choices, and it will be somewhat custom-designed!  Sort of. :)
So while I'm on a Scottish kick, I figured I would explain about my oh-so-interesting family background!  See, my family comes from Scotland, and at last year's Scottish Festival, we decided to see just which clan we would belong to.  Except, what we found out is that we don't have any clan at all!  See, what happened was that my family did come from Scotland, but we're originally from Ireland, so we don't belong to a clan.  We're what's known as "dirty Scotts."  Hm.  It makes me wonder what life was like for my Irish ancestors living in Scotland.

Fare thee well, friend!

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