Monday, June 4, 2012

Medallions :)

So yesterday something very momentous happened.
Also something very unusual, though not at all bad.
See, yesterday I got my Personal Progress award, which also includes a beautiful golden necklace.  With a little ruby in the center of the rose. :)  Beautiful.
Well, I got the award.  That was the momentous part.  The unusual part was that sister and mother got theirs at the same time!  See, sister and I have been in Young Women's together for many years, and she happens to work faster than me.  There's also the stubborn part of me that won't do something if people keep saying I need to do it.  So, though she is younger, she got hers at the same time as me.  And in the Personal Progress program, mothers get to work alongside their daughters, so mother got hers as well.
But mine was the only one with the ruby.  *smug smile*  The other two wanted plainer medallions.

Fare thee well, friends!

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