Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Voyage

The sea voyage to the Promised Land for Lehi and his family... could be considered less-than-stellar.  And I bet you can guess who they had to thank for that.
Yep.  Laman and Lemuel.
The voyage actually started out pretty well.  They were making good time, and things were relatively peaceful.  Perhaps too peaceful, because that was when Laman and Lemuel, along with their wives and Ishmael's sons, decided to get drunk and party it up.  Nephi started to worry that God would be angry with them, and tried to get them to stop.  And they agreed, and everything went well from then on.
Laman and Lemuel tied Nephi up.  Apparently they were still nervous enough about the last time they were told off that they didn't try to kill him, but they weren't above injuring him.  But, thanks to their rebellion, their compass, the Liahona, stopped working.  Even then, with everyone pleading for them to let Nephi go and the stress of their rebellion nearly killing Lehi and Sariah, Laman and Lemuel were too stubborn to admit they were wrong.  That is, until a giant storm came upon them for four days and they were on the brink of capsizing.  Then they were finally scared enough to untie Nephi.  The first thing he did was thank God, and the second was to grab the Liahona and see if it would work.  Once it was established that it was working again, Nephi prayed, and the storm finally died.
Finally, finally, they made it to the Promised Land.

Fare thee well, friend!

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