Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nephi Builds a Boat

While resting in Bountiful, Nephi received a dream from God, telling him to go to a nearby mountain.  When Nephi got there, God instructed him to build a boat to take the family across the ocean to a land of promise.  Now, Nephi could have balked a little at this point.  Across an ocean?  To a land we know nothing about?  But of course we all know Nephi better than that.  :)  I think the bigger temptation would have been to ask, "Okay, so where are all the tools I'll need to build the ship?"  A big problem that faithful people run into is that they expect God to do everything for them.  It's not a bad thing to rely on God, but He does want us to learn to be independent and make our own choices.  Instead of asking where the tools were, Nephi asked, "Okay, where can I find the right ores so I can make the tools I'll need?" 
Please excuse me while I squee for a moment.
HOW AMAZING CAN NEPHI BE?!  He was willing to start from scratch, without complaining.  How long would it have taken him to make all the tools he would need?  And how long after that would it take him to build a ship?  And then sail it across an OCEAN?  Hard-working, patient, AND faithful!
Okay, squee moment over.  Thanks for your patience.
Of course, Nephi's patience was tested by his older brothers.  Again.  Nephi had never built a ship before, and Laman and Lemuel were both convinced he was going to fail in a big way.  They were bad enough that they refused to help him work, even when everyone else was giving Nephi a hand.  Finally, Nephi had to chastise them.  Again.  And they decided to throw him in the ocean so they could kill him.  Again.
I think God must have been really irritated with them at this point, because when they went to grab Nephi, he was filled with the power of God, and he had to warn them to stay back, because if they touched him they would die.  He proceeded to thoroughly chew them out, and then (this is the reason I think God was annoyed), God told Nephi to touch his brothers.  He assured Nephi they wouldn't die, but they would be shocked pretty badly.
Laman and Lemuel didn't dare go near Nephi for days afterward, and when the ship was finished, guess who had to admit that it was actually a really good design?

Fare thee well, friend!

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