Thursday, November 7, 2013

Top Ten Disney Deaths

So, I've seen these lists all over the place, and I thought I'd put my two cents in.  Just a note, I did actually plan on doing this on Halloween, but instead I ended up running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
Let the deaths begin! >:)

Number 10: Mother Gothel
As much as I love Mother Gothel as a villain, her death disappointed me.  Apparently she died of old age, but Disney used the whole villain-falls-from-an-extreme-height trope to keep from traumatizing kids.  I get why they did it, but I honestly thought it made the movie a little confusing.  It took a few views to figure out she had turned to dust before she hit the ground.  It's redeeming qualities, however, include Gothel tripping over the hair she once prized, and Rapunzel reaching out for her as she fell in spite of everything.  That poor, poor girl.

Number 9: Queen Grimhilde
The Evil Queen was hit by lightening, fell from a tremendous height (again, trope), and was subsequently crushed by the boulder she was trying to use to kill the dwarves.  Oh, and anything left of her after that was eaten by vultures.  Again, not one of the greater deaths, but this woman just gets one horrible thing after another.  Guess that's karma, huh?

Number 8: Scar
Eaten by your own evil henchmen?  While flames are flying around you?  Yikes.  An added bonus is the image of the shadows on the wall behind him.  Perfect way to imply violence without actually showing it to the kiddies.  Seriously, though, Scar is the prime example of why you shouldn't betray your henchmen.  There are a million of them, one of you, and they will not hesitate if you don't follow through.  There is a reason these people are henchmen and not sidekicks (ie, they go for the highest bidder.  Loyalty for them is bought, not earned).

Number 7: Gaston
Again, a Disney villain falls to their death.  However, this scores high on my list because it has delicious irony (and I am a sucker for irony).  The fact is, if Gaston had taken Beast's offer, he could have gone back to his poor provincial town and married one of the ditzy blondes that actually liked him.  Instead, he decided if he couldn't have Belle, no one could, and he went in for the kill.  AND THEN, he didn't even die because Beast pushed him off.  He fell because he was stupid enough to attack Beast while they were both hanging off a balcony, and he lost his grip during Beast's writhing in pain.  Sorry to say, Gaston, you deserved what you got.

Number 6: Maleficent
The thing I love about Maleficent's death is that it's deliberate.  So many Disney heroes only kill their villains accidentally, which is great, because it shows you shouldn't take a life lightly.  However, I also believe it's important to show that sometimes you have to do the hard thing.  Phillip could choose to kill the angry dragon and save Aurora, or he could choose to let the nasty witch continue to ruin people's lives.  When the time came, he did what he had to do and stopped evil before it could do any more harm.  That takes guts, and Phillip has them (in case you can't tell, I'm sort of in love with Phillip :D).

Number 5:  Ursula
Again, this is a deliberate death.  What makes this one great is that at this point Ursula looks completely unstoppable.  She looks like she's about 70 feet tall, wields a giant trident, and is about to fry poor Ariel.  The problem is, she thinks she's invincible as well, and forgets about the attractive, resourceful prince long enough for him to find something sharp and pointy.  And then proceeds to attack his girlfriend.  That is rule number 376 in the list of ways for villains to get themselves killed: threaten the romantic interest.  Ursula's overconfidence is her undoing.

Number 4:  Shan Yu

Mostly I love this for the absolute shock Shan Yu must have felt.  It looks like he's about to win: the random woman soldier is holding a freaking fan.  Then he lunges, and his sword is gone.  Next thing he knows he's looking at a tiny dragon with a giant rocket strapped to his back (keep in mind up to this point the only person who has seen Mushu for what he really is would be Mulan herself).  Then, while he's distracted, afore-mentioned woman trips him, pins him with his own sword, and he's hit in the gut with afore-mentioned rocket.  Things for him went from awesome to death in about five seconds, and I would love to see his thought process through this!

Number 3:  Turbo
Mostly, this hits my top terrifying list because Turbo knows exactly what is going to happen to him, but is completely helpless to stop it.  I would say I feel bad for him, but honestly, he was going to make Ralph watch as Vanellope was eaten by giant candy monsters.  My sympathy for him is zip.

Number 2:  Facilier
Okay, this one is uber-creepy.  There are neon green and pink lights, creepy dolls with pins sticking out of them playing drums, and gravestones coming to life.  What makes it even better is that throughout the entire movie, Facilier looks like he's in control of everything.  The second Tiana breaks the amulet, his facade crumbles.  He is absolutely terrified for the first time.  Villains losing their cool?  Awesome.  Also, speaking of thought processes I'd love to see, can you imagine what Tiana must have been thinking when this started: Take that you rotten OH CRAP THERE ARE LIGHTS AND CREEPY DOLLS WHATISHAPPENING?!?!

And number 1 (drumroll please):  Frollo
Ah, the death of Judge Claude Frollo.  I mentioned before I'm a sucker for irony, and this is the perfect example.  Throughout the movie Frollo prides himself on being more righteous than anybody else.  His final words: God shall smite the wicked and cast them into the fiery pit.  Yes, yes He will, Frollo, but look at who fell into the inferno you made of Paris?

Yeah, so this was a creepy post, but hey, I did say it was supposed to be for Halloween!

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. I think Clayton's death in Tarzan is pretty good too. Tarzan tries to stop him, warning him about the vines, but it's clayton's fault in the end (He cuts the vines holding himself up.) And, if you look, when the lightning flashes, you can see a hanging body.
    Also, I think the falling trope would have failed with Maleficent. Just imagine:
    Prince Phillip: Oh no! she fell off a cliff "Accidentally" (We won't mention that he pushed her, nosireebob.)
    Maleficent (In dragon form): [flies back up] Foolish boy. You forgot that I'm a dragon.
    Phillip: Well, this is awkward...

    1. Yeah, I thought about doing Clayton, but I wanted to do Shan Yu more. ;) And like I said, I love that Maleficent's death was deliberate.