Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hanging Storage

So, when my apartment decorated for Halloween, the first thing we put up were spiderwebs.  They are a necessity for Halloween, after all.  And of course, we had little spiders to stick up with it.  Unfortunately, I was at work when they went up, so I didn't know just how they were placed.  I found out later that all my roommates had to do was throw the spiders at a spot in the webs, and they tended to stick pretty well.
That's when things got fun.
One day someone got the idea to throw a pen at the webs, and it stuck.  Well, we have a story we've been writing, and we each have a specific pen, so we chucked those at the webs and started using them as storage.  You can imagine how things went from there.  At the moment we've got a couple rubber snakes and a ribbon up there as well. 
It's gonna be a great disappointment when we have to take those down.  At least until I start decorating for Christmas. ;)

Fare thee well, friend!

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