Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nephi's Vision

After Lehi related his dream to his family, Nephi was curious.  He wanted to see it as well, so he went off on his own and prayed for the chance to see his father's vision and know what it meant.  While he was praying, the Spirit of God came to him and showed him Lehi's vision.  Nephi was also given the interpretation of the symbols in the vision: the tree was the love of God for His children, and the fruit was eternal life, the greatest gift God can give.  The iron rod was the word of God, which leads people to His gospel.  The river of water was the filthiness of the world, and the mists were temptations.  The great building was the pride of the world, where people mocked those who partook of God's goodness.
Nephi was also shown what would happen to his descendents.  They would be led to a land of promise, and his children would live there for many years.  In fact, they would even be visited by the Messiah after His death in Jerusalem.  However, eventually pride and the love of the world would lead to his people's ultimate destruction.
After his vision, Nephi was so overcome that he went back to his tent and collapsed.  He only came out after he heard his brothers arguing about what Lehi's dream meant.  He asked them if they had prayed about it, and their response was that God never made such things known to them (to which I respond, really?  It might be hard if you don't even ask!).  Poor Nephi could only beg them to try to repent and remain close to God, but I don't know how much hope he had for them.  You see, in his vision, it was Laman and Lemuel's descendants that eventually destroyed his own people.

Fare thee well, friend!

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