Monday, July 22, 2013

Lindsay Sterling

I am so SO sorry I haven't posted the last two days!  I promise I'm not doing this on purpose!  Life just seems to run away with my time sometimes.  I think they're planning on eloping any day now.  And, heh, you guys are going to love me, I'm going to be in Orlando Wednesday through Sunday, and I'm not planning on bringing my computer, so... I probably won't be blogging.  Many great and sincere apologies.
On a happier topic, though, I got to see Lindsay Sterling!  Live!  Performing with MoTab!
Who are Lindsay Sterling and MoTab, you ask?  Lindsay Sterling is a hip-hop violinist; she dances while she plays violin.  Not impressed?  Check this out:
You try playing the violin and bending over backwards at the same time.  For those who can't see it, again, I apologize profusely, and can only say, look up "Elements" by Lindsay Sterling.  Most intense music video ever.
As for MoTab, it's short for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  They're enormous, they're talented, and somehow they always manage to be in perfect harmony with each other.  Observe:
For those who cannot observe here, look up the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing "Come, Come Ye Saints"
As I was saying, I got to see them perform together live!  It was amazing (even if traffic was a nightmare because they're doing construction on the freeway AGAIN!)!  Hence the reason I didn't post Saturday.  Too busy getting ready for that.  And, you know, the day kinda gets away from you when you sleep in too late. ;)
So, hopefully I'll post again tomorrow, but don't count on too many this week.  Hopefully when next week starts I'll be able to post with a bit more regularity again. :)

Fare thee well, friend!

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  1. Mucho apologies, friends, I spelled her name wrong. (walk of shame) Should be spelled Lindsey Stirling.