Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jacobus Wilhelmus

Well, I would complain about allergies again, but I get the feeling that would be a bit boring, so instead I'll tell you about my office's newest member!
See, my friend Sarnic works at the local pet store, and as she and Kay are going to be leaving this week for a cruise (so jealous), I wanted to go visit during my lunch hour.  Mia works in my department as well, and we usually head out for lunch together.  When I told her I was heading to visit Sarnic, she made a somewhat random decision: "I want a fish for the office!"
She ran it by the manager and the others in our office, and everyone was excited, so during lunch hour while I wandered around trying to find Sarnic, Mia was picking out a fish.  I would post a picture, but I actually don't have one yet.  Not much of a shutterbug.  He's cool, though, a beta with an ice blue body and a red head and fins.  Neat.
Mia wanted to call him Sparta at first, but then Ky, our manager, wanted to throw other names around, and the one he suggested, the crazy long one that none of us would be able to remember, was Jacobus Wilhelmus.  Of course that's the one we picked. ;)
He is now swimming happily on Mia's filing cabinet, probably wondering just what the heck he's gotten into.

Fare thee well, friend!

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