Saturday, June 8, 2013

Scottish Festival: Part 2

So, we attended the second half of the Scottish Festival today, and once again I spent waaaay too much, but that's okay, because what else are parties for?
I took Kay with me today, and we had lots of fun!  She and Mia took a longsword class (I was watching the bags because I made the mistake of wearing heels and my feet were killing me), and I got a new bag and a hair net because there are days in the summer that get ridiculously hot but I am way too vain to cut my hair, and yeah! 
By the way, new random bit of trivia, we found out a little bit more about our family name this weekend: see, I knew we never actually had a clan, though our family did live in Scotland.  Apparently we originally come from England, but then we kept hopping back and forth between Ireland and Scotland, and fit in nowhere.  Kind of feels like my social life.  ;)  Just kidding.  Still, I think it's hilarious that no matter where we went, we couldn't seem to fit in.

Fare thee well, friend!

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