Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lily Maid

So, I have a slight obsession with Arthurian legends that may or may not have to do with Merlin...  and the other day I found the most beautiful song about one of the minor characters, Elaine of Shalott.
The story is that Elaine met Lancelot at a tournament and fell in love, so she asked him to wear her token while jousting.  Like the heart-breaking moron that he was, he accepted (I have serious issues with Lancelot, just so you know).  However, he was injured while jousting, and Elaine saved his life.  He offered to pay her, which offended her a lot (seriously, guys, at the very least get her flowers!).  He finally realized just how much she felt for him... so he ran off.  To be with Guinevere.  His best friend's wife (again, issues with Lancelot, I don't know why everyone sings this man's praises!).  Ten days later, Elaine died of heartbreak, and her body was found floating in a boat down the river to Camelot, with a lily in one hand and her last letter to Lancelot in the other.  Lancelot, feeling guilty, paid for her funeral.
I meant to upload the video, but I can't find it! >:(  You'll just have to look it up!  "Lily Maid" by Heather Dale.

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. Why on earth would you watch something like that?!?!?!???!!!?!?

    1. Mia, I am the kind of person whose favorite moment in Les Mis is "A Little Fall of Rain." It's very emotional!