Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lehi's Dream

So, now the group is all together.  Lehi and Ishmael's families are out in the wilderness, with the scriptures, and for a little while, things calm down.  Then one night, Lehi has a dream that he is inspired to tell his family about.
He says while he dreamed, he was in a dark, lonely wilderness, and he didn't know where to go.  Lost, he called out to God, and a man appeared to guide him.  The man led him to a tree with fruit whiter than driven snow, and sweeter than anything he'd ever tasted before.  After tasting the fruit, Lehi's first thought was that he wanted to share it with his family.  He looked around and saw them at the mouth of a wide river, looking as if they didn't know where to go.  He called out to them, and most of them came eagerly.  Laman and Lemuel, however, refused. 
As Lehi looked around, he noticed more and more people on a path, trying to get to the tree.  Some of them got lost in a mist that sprang up.  They had to cross the river, and many people drowned.  Those who didn't drown were holding tight to a rod of iron, leading straight to the tree.  When they got there and tasted the fruit, however, some of them suddenly looked ashamed and left.  When Lehi looked around to see why, he noticed a great and spacious building, floating in the air.  It was filled with people mocking those who ate the fruit, and there were many people trying to reach it, though most drowned before they could get to it.
No matter what Lehi said, Laman and Lemuel wouldn't eat the fruit.

Fare thee well, friend!

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