Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nephi and the Brass Plates: Part 2

Here's the second half to the story.  If you missed the first half, you can check it out here

Nephi snuck into the city at night without really knowing what he was doing.  All he knew was that if God had asked them to do something, there was obviously a way to get it done.  As he was walking through the streets of Jerusalem, he came upon a drunk passed out in the street.  When he took a closer look, he realized it was Laban, and the Spirit of God told Nephi to kill him.
At first Nephi shrunk back.  He had never killed anyone in his life, and he certainly didn't want to start now.  But the Spirit spoke to him again and reminded him of a few things: Laban had not only stolen from Nephi and his brothers (a crime punishable by death), but he had also attempted to have them murdered; if Nephi didn't kill Laban and take the plates, Nephi's own descendents would quickly fall into apostasy because they wouldn't have the scriptures; and God had delivered Laban into Nephi's hands for this reason.  Laban was known as a wicked man.  So, though the idea repulsed him, Nephi took Laban's sword from its sheath and cut off his head.
Afterwards Nephi put on Laban's armor (it fit pretty well because Nephi was "large in stature") and went to Laban's house to find the brass plates in the treasury.  While he was there he ran into one of Laban's servants, a man named Zoram.  He asked Zoram, who assumed he was Laban, to take him to the treasury, then come with him to meet his brothers outside the walls of Jerusalem (Zoram assumed he meant elders).
When Nephi finally made it to his brothers, however, they saw him in Laban's armor and started running in terror, assuming Laban had killed Nephi and had come after them.  Nephi had to take off the helmet and call to them, which was when Zoram realized what must have happened to Laban.  He turned to run and alert the city.  Obviously Nephi didn't want that, so he turned and grabbed Zoram and tried to reason with him.  He told Zoram that if he would come with Nephi and his brothers, he would be a free man: they would treat him as an equal.  Zoram agreed, and they escaped Jerusalem and returned to their parents without incident.  By studying the brass plates, Lehi learned that he was a descendent of Joseph through Manasseh. 
A few days later, the Lord had another request to make of them.  Up to now, it had only been Lehi's fairly young family in the wilderness.  Now God needed them to go to Lehi's relative, Ishmael, and bring back wives.
And I will tell you that's one of my favorite stories. :D  Can't wait to tell it next Tuesday!

Fare thee well, friend!

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