Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Daughters of the Lamanites

Of course, the Nephites weren't out of the woods.  Far from it.  Noah's priests had escaped into the wilderness, and they were ready to start making more trouble.  You see, there was a certain place in the wilderness that the Lamanites' daughters liked to go to for a bit of fun and dancing.  The priests of Noah, led by a man named Amulon, were world-class creepers, and they spent a lot of time watching these girls dancing.  One day, they decided they weren't content just watching, and they kidnapped twenty-four.  Twenty.  Four.
(Trying desperately to keep a wild angry rant about just how sick these men were from taking over the post djkal;sdkfjalsdgjalskdhf;laskdjfl;sldkfj!!!!!!!!!!!)
The Lamanites, not knowing about Noah's priests, blamed Limhi's people, and tried to attack them.  The Lamanites were defeated, but while the Nephites were searching among the dead, they found that the Lamanite king was still alive (serious fail, Lamanites, just ditch your king halfway through a battle?).  A lot of the Nephites wanted to kill him, but Limhi instead had him nursed back to health, and asked him why the Lamanites had attacked them.  When he found out about the missing daughters, Limhi and Gideon realized that Noah's priests were likely to blame.
The Lamanites came to attack again, but their king, having discovered they had wrongly attacked the Nephites before, went to them and explained what had happened.  They left the Nephites in peace, but still in bondage.  They tried several times to escape, but they were stuck, true to the prophecy of Abinadi.
This was the situation they found themselves in when Ammon and the other Nephites from Zarahemla found them.

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