Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Alma in Captivity

So so sooooo many apologies for forgetting to post yesterday!  What with no school over Presidents' Day over here, I thought it was a Monday.  In any case, here we are, only a day late!

So, in order to get this last bit of the story, we'll have to back-track a little, to when King Noah sent his armies to kill the people of Alma.  They were warned by God (doesn't specify how, but I've heard some fascinating theories), and the new church fled into the wilderness.  They lived in peace, prosperity, and righteousness for years... until the Lamanites searching for Limhi found them instead.  The Lamanites had gotten all turned around and lost, and they promised Alma's people that if they showed them the way back to the city of Nephi, they would leave them alone.
But guess who sucks at keeping promises?
The Lamanites enslaved the people of Alma, but they treated them as well as might be expected.  That is, until the king of the Lamanites decided to send some new management.  You will never, in a million years, guess who he sent to rule over Alma's people. 
The priests of Noah.
Seriously, where the crap was the Lamanites' common sense?  "Oh, you Nephites who hate the fact that we have enslaved you are giving us extra wine?  As a gift?  Sounds legit, thanks!  Oh, you [insert insult because I can't think of one good enough for these men that doesn't include several swear words] that kidnapped our daughters and forced them to marry you want to be rulers over other Nephites?  Sure, go ahead!"
So, yes, the Lamanites did find the priests of Noah, but before they could kill them, the priests sent their new wives (the Lamanites' daughters) out to plead for their lives.  Somehow, they managed to get the Lamanite king to like them, which is why he appointed them rulers over Alma's people.  You know, Nephites ruling Nephites.  Except, he apparently didn't know about a grudge the priests might have against Alma.  See, Alma used to be one of Noah's priests, before he stood up for Abinadi and was thrown out of court.  Apparently, one particular priest, named Amulon, had a bit of a problem with that.  He wasn't allowed to actually kill any of Alma's people, but he certainly tried to work them to death, and he forbid them to pray.  Of course, you can't actually tell every time a person prays.  I mean, how many times have we sent a quick, "Hey, help me out here!" heavenward?  So OF COURSE Alma's people continued to pray.  For a while they were left in captivity, as a trial of faith, but they were strengthened until they couldn't feel the workloads Amulon was giving them.  And after a while, God told Alma to gather the people during the night, because he was going to make sure the Lamanite guards slept until they could escape.
Alma's people wandered in the wilderness (it never specified how long), until they "stumbled" upon Zarahemla (and I use quotation marks because really, do you think they weren't being guided there the whole time?).  Finally the Nephites were all together again, and good thing too, because Amulon and the other priests of Noah, as well as their children, spent their lives fueling the Lamanite hatred of the Nephites. 

Fare thee well, friend!

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