Friday, December 27, 2013

Lost in the Lights

So, the local zoo here has a tradition around Christmastime where they put up lights all over the zoo and leave it open at night (usually they close around five or six).  They call it "Zoolights".
Well, I have never been to Zoolights.  Why?  Because a) it's a fairly new tradition, they just started a few years ago, and b) when I say "local", I mean an hour-long drive away.  However, my parents bought zoo memberships this year, and it included a free trip to Zoolights, which they invited me to!
It was pretty neat, but mostly I just enjoyed seeing the animals that aren't usually awake during the day.  Sad confession time, our zoo has these cute little wild cats (they're called sand cats and black-footed cats), and they are sooooo adorable... and since I discovered them at the age of 8, I have waited more than TEN FREAKING YEARS to see them awake!
So worth it.  They are adoooooorable!
Most exciting part of the night, however?  Eh heh heh... Well, it was really cold, and I hadn't had time to grab my hat between leaving work and leaving for the zoo, so I just put my hood up over my head.  Now, there are two facts about me you should know: I hate wearing hoods, because peripheral vision is reduced to zip, and I hate walking in front of people because I tend to lose them.  I suppose you can guess what happened?
We were walking along the path, and somehow I ended up walking in front of everyone.  Again, I couldn't see much with that hood on, and I wasn't sure if they were behind me, so when we came to the elephant enclosure, I found a nice little nook to pop into and turn around to see if anyone was following me.
Nope.  No one.  At first I thought I'd gone ahead of them too far, or they'd stopped to admire something without telling me, so I waited a little longer.  Still nothing.  Finally, I pulled out my cell phone and tried to call Mia to see if they had gone on without me.  Guess what?  Phones wouldn't connect.  Apparently, there is really awful reception around elephants. ;)  After wandering around a little and getting fed up and calling lots of people, I was able to get ahold of my Dad.  We reunited, and they were waiting for me with hot chocolate! 

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. oooh! I would love to go to zoo lights.... mostly to look at the bats, which are more interesting at night anyways,
    Someone should make a nocturnal zoo that's open at night and full of nocturnal animals. I would definitely go!

    1. Oh, the bats were awesome! You've got to go sometime! Tip to the wise, though, I know it sounds like a great idea to go the day after Christmas... until everybody else thinks it's a great idea too... ;)