Monday, December 16, 2013

Frozen: The Epicness of Elsa

So, I saw Frozen.  And I love it so. so. soooo much!  In fact, I ended up loving it even more than Tangled, which is saying a lot considering Rapunzel has been my favorite Disney princess thus far.  Sadly for her, I've had a new princess step up to take that position (though I guess technically she's a queen, but who's counting?).
I.  Love.  Elsa.
Why do I love Elsa?  Well, if you don't mind spoilers or you've already seen the movie, read on!
Elsa has to be the most relatable Disney princess I've seen thus far, at least for me.  Personally, and for a lot of girls out there, it is really hard to fit in.  I've always been the geeky know-it-all that was terrified nobody liked her, the one that liked who I was and was hurt when nobody else did.  Elsa is the epitome of wanting to fit in while being terrified of rejection.  All her life she's loved a part of herself that no one else could possibly understand.  She loved her powers, but she had to hide them because she was afraid of hurting people.  She ends up cutting herself off from everyone else because she couldn't believe she was worth their friendship.  Not to mention that, as the heir to the throne and the older sister, she has that much more responsibility to add to her fear of failure.  Finally, when she couldn't handle that fear anymore, she left.  She decided to be herself, to heck with whatever anyone may think of her!  And then this happened:
I love everything about this!  The animation is absolute eye-candy, the music is loud and free, and the message is something I think everyone needs to hear: I don't care what anyone else thinks of me, because I love myself the way I am (FYI, this is also the reason I love the film Penelope)!  And that last act of defiance, taking out that bun and letting her hair down!  Finally throwing off the expectations everyone else had for her and deciding she was just fine the way she wanted to be!
And of course, by the end of the film she realizes there are people that love all of her, and are willing to sacrifice themselves for her, and she understands she doesn't have to be on her own to be herself.  Which is awesome.
Therefore, Elsa is amazing.
So, your thoughts?  Do you prefer Elsa or Anna?

Fare thee well, friend!

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  1. I liked Anna, but because she is more like I am I think. I am more free flowing, but not about to let anyone stop me from doing or getting what I think is the best or right. Especially when it comes to family.