Sunday, September 1, 2013

Help, I'm Stuck on Your Car!

So, last night I was sitting, playing around on my computer, when I get a text: a picture of something with big eyes and lots of darkness, and the words, "Help, I'm stuck to your car!"
I knew exactly what it was. 
See, my friend Sarnic frequently leaves things in Kay's car (as she is her sister, and all), and I mean, she is the one that texted me.
I think I'm rambling.  In any case, I dashed outside to find whatever she may have done to my car... only to discover nothing.  Confused, I decided to see if her car was still in visitor parking, and on my way, I discovered a little stuffed owl on Kay's car.  Mayhaps she had texted the wrong person?  In any case, I continued, and discovered that yes, her car WAS in visitor parking... and she was not there.  However, there was another owl.  I picked it up (and really hoped no one was watching me, because if they were, they were going to think I was nuts) and thought perhaps she'd snuck back up to my apartment while I was outside, so back I went. 
The moment I walked in the door, Kay holds out my phone and says, "I think you need this," (I'd run off without it in my excitement).  I'd gotten another text saying there were three owls, and one of them was on Ash's care (my new roomie).  Her car basically looks exactly like mine.  We decided the way to tell them apart was that I have a shark hanging from my rearview mirror, and she has flowers.
But I digress. 
We found the one on Ash's car easily enough, but there was still no Sarnic.  We were wondering just what we should do, when Kay mentioned she was cold and wanted to grab a jacket.  Said her wet hair was making her chilly.  Well, A) I had just gotten out of the shower, so my hair was definitely wetter, and I felt fine, and B) If we left, Sarnic might get away!!!!  But then I got suspicious.
"Hey, Kay, did you leave the door unlocked?"
"Why yes I did!"
Yes, I am aware I thought of this before, but I hadn't found all the owls yet, so obviously she couldn't reveal herself yet.
We dashed into the apartment, and there sat Sarnic with the biggest owl yet, and a smile even bigger.  We laughed and exchanged greetings, and then I turned to Kay with the accusatory pointer finger.  "You were in on it, weren't you?"
Turns out Sarnic HAD come up the first time, but didn't want me to know until I'd found all the owls, and then I came up early, so she hid while Kay distracted me with my phone.  And the whole "I'm cold let's get a sweater" thing?  Yeah, that was just to get us back inside. ;)
So I now have two owls named Annabelle and Petunia.  :D

Fare thee well, friend!


  1. How fun! Speaking of which, there are a lot of cute owl finger puppets in the byu bookstore.

  2. Sneaky, sneaky... aww, I bet your owls are adorable!