Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Noah's Demise

After Alma and the other members of the church fled into the wilderness, the rest of the Nephites began to chafe under Noah's reign.  He was wasteful, cruel, and a drunk to boot.  People wanted him gone, and eventually, someone took the initiative.  A man named Gideon attacked Noah, and actually chased him all the way up the tower he'd built.  I don't know if Noah's guards all abandoned him or what, but Gideon was on the verge of killing Noah when the king looked out the window and realized an army of Lamanites was coming to attack them.  He convinced Gideon to let him live so he could "protect" his people: and by protect, he meant lead everyone in fleeing the city.  Of course, with women and children and old folks trying to keep up, people were falling behind, and Noah ordered the men to leave their families.
O.O  Yeah.  I really hate Noah (for clarification, this Noah has no affiliation with the one from the Old Testament, because that Noah was awesome!).
Naturally, because they were proper fathers and husbands, there were plenty of men who flat-out refused, including Noah's own son, Limhi (remember him?).  There were, of course, some men that did leave with Noah, but the majority stayed behind to protect their families.  These men who stayed had the idea to have their (very attractive) daughters beg the Lamanites to spare their families, and it worked like a dream.  They were taken back to the city and forced into slavery, but at least they were alive.  Limhi was crowned as a subordinate king, and the people paid half of everything they gained to the Lamanites.
However unfortunate their circumstances were, they were infinitely better than what happened to Noah.  The Lamanites told Limhi to deliver King Noah to them, and so Gideon lead an expedition to find him.  What he found instead was the group of men who had left with Noah and his priests.  They told Gideon that not long after they left, they felt really guilty about leaving their families behind, and they wanted to go back.  Noah forbid it, but there's this funny little thing about ruling: you've got to keep the people liking the way you rule.  Obviously, everyone was fed up with Noah, and they fulfilled Abinadi's prophecy by burning Noah at the stake.  They tried to do the same to his priests, but they fled into the wilderness.
Noah's death was good enough for the Lamanites, and everyone returned home happily.  Or at least, most did.  I'm pretty sure all those men who ditched their families had some pretty ticked off wives to deal with.  Honestly, I'm not sure I would be able to forgive something like that.  Of course, I doubt I would marry the kind of man that would ditch me like that in the first place, so there you go.  Unfortunately, their (relative) bliss couldn't last, because Noah's priests were still out there, and they were about to make life... difficult, to say the least.

Fare thee well, friend!

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