Friday, November 2, 2012

Alarm Clock

So, in all the excitement of yesterday, there was one story I forgot to mention.
Since I was in the sixth grade, I have had a constant companion, a friend who was there for me even when I was ungrateful.  I took him for granted many times, but he always provided his services.
He was my alarm clock.
Well, yesterday, around 7:20, said alarm clock, for the first time I can remember, stopped.  I thought, "Okay, no problem, first time it's stopped, I'll put in a new battery."  Well, I put in the battery, and then...
It still wasn't working.
My faithful alarm clock had really, truly stopped. 
So here's thanks to a good friend, and a fond farewell.  Enjoy your mechanical heaven.

Fare thee well, friend!

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