Tuesday, June 10, 2014

King Lamoni's Father

Wow, sorry guys, there was a funeral and I've been trying to get back on schedule.  Which I am attempting to do now.

After a few days, Ammon received a revelation from God, telling him that Aaron, his brother, and a few of the men they'd brought with them, were in prison in a neighboring province called Middoni.  He went to Lamoni to ask if he could leave and try to free his brother, at which point Lamoni proved what an amazing friend he was by telling Ammon that of course he could go, but it would be easier if Lamoni went with him, because the king of Middoni was a friend of his and would be more likely to listen to him.
While they were travelling, they were stopped by Lamoni's father, the king of all the Lamanites.  He'd come to demand to know why Lamoni had missed his feast (which Lamoni actually was unconscious through, if my timeline is correct).  When Lamoni explained, he was shocked to find his father was angry.  He started going on about how Lamoni was an idiot to trust a Nephite, and that he had to go back with him this instant and on and on.  And then came the clincher: he ordered Lamoni to kill Ammon.
Remember when I talked about what an amazing friend Lamoni is? (And of course, there was the little thing where the last person that tried to kill Ammon was struck down dead.  Instantly.)
Lamoni flat-out refused, and his father was angry enough that he drew his sword to kill Lamoni.  Ammon quickly stepped in and told his father that if he killed Lamoni, he would be shedding innocent blood, to which the king replied that Ammon was right.  Lamoni was innocent: it was Ammon that had corrupted him.  The king attacked Ammon instead, and I assume we can all guess where that went (again, last guy dropped down dead?)  Ammon bested the king and had his sword to his throat.
The king begged Ammon not to kill him, and he would give him anything he wanted, up to half his kingdom (which I always found funny, half the kingdom if you let me live.  Only half, mind you, I can't be giving up the entire kingdom even if I'm about to die.)  Ammon instead said that if the king would let Lamoni govern the way he wanted, and give orders for his brothers to be let out of prison, he'd let the king go.  Obviously, the king thought this was a great idea, and they all went on their merry ways.

Fare thee well, friend!