Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Preaching to Lamoni

After Lamoni heard his servants' story about Ammon he was terrified.  He was convinced Ammon was the Great Spirit, come to punish him for killing his servants when they failed to defend the flocks before.  He asked where Ammon was, presumably to figure out just how much time he had.  Can anyone guess where Ammon went after defying a ruthless band of robbers?
He was getting Lamoni's chariots ready for his trip to his father's feast (he was a minor king under a major king, who in this case was his father). 
When he finally came in, everyone just stared at him.  He tried to back out, but one of the servants said Lamoni wanted him to stay, so he waited for Lamoni to explain what he wanted.  For an hour.  Lamoni couldn't figure out what to say to this man he thought was a god.  Finally Ammon, though the Spirit, realized what Lamoni was wondering and started to explain things.  No, he was not a god, but he had been given some of God's power in order to defeat the robbers.  He explained that he'd come to the Lamanites to share God's message, and Lamoni asked to hear it.  After Ammon explained about the creation and the plan of salvation, Lamoni was so overcome by the Spirit, he fell to the earth, and most people assumed he was dead.

By the way, if there are ever concepts discussed here you would like explained, just leave me a comment and I'll try to do a post about it.  Thanks muchly!

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