Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Defending the Flock

Aaahh!  Soooo many apologies, it's been a crazy two weeks.  I've hardly had time to think!  Ugh.  Anyway, thanks for your patience, time to (finally) explain what happened with Ammon and Lamoni's flock.

Ammon and the other servants were taking King Lamoni's sheep to the water when they were... well, interrupted.  A common form of plunder among the Lamanites was to scatter someone else's sheep and then hide them in your own flock.  Hard to prove, and highly effective.  And sadly, this wasn't the first time robbers had actually stolen from their king, because once the other servants saw that the sheep were scattered, they panicked.  They explained to Ammon that the last time this had happened, Lamoni had the servants in charge killed. 
Ammon, being a) a priesthood leader and b) a former prince and therefore all-around general leader, was able to rally his fellow-servants and find all the missing sheep.  The servants were overjoyed, of course, but the robbers were... less so.  They came to scatter the sheep again, but this time Ammon was ready for them. He grabbed his sling and managed to kill six of them before they quite knew what was happening.
Seriously.  He killed six before they could even manage to figure out he was shooting at them!
Well, now they were seriously ticked off - understandably - so they went after him with clubs.  Which I think is safe to say was a mistake, because he had a sword.  Every time a robber tried to club Ammon, he cut off their arm (I get the feeling this lot wasn't too bright).  He only killed one of them with his sword, however: their leader (which comes into play a little later on in the story).
When he had driven the robbers off, he calmly finished watering the sheep and went back to Lamoni's palace.  The other servants were a little less inclined to nonchalance.  They were a little bit freaked out by everything they'd just seen, and they knew they had to tell the king.  As proof of what had happened, they gathered up all the arms Ammon had cut off and took them to Lamoni to strengthen their story.
The king was terrified.

Fare thee well, friend!

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