Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Odd, isn't it, that we go from one of the saddest stories in the entire Book of Mormon to one of my absolute favorites?  Alma and Amulek had gone out to preach again, and you'll never guess who they ran into.
Go ahead.  Guess. 
They ran into the sons of Mosiah!  You know, the ones that disappeared into Lamanite territory all those years before?  They'd finally come home!  And they'd brought a few friends along with them...
When they left for Lamanite country, they decided to split up in order to reach more people.  Their spiritual leader (at least, I assume so from the text), Ammon, decided to go to what was called the land of Ishmael.  Now, in this particular province, the Lamanites had a custom where they captured any Nephite in their lands and took them to their king, Lamoni.  He would decide whether to throw him out, kill him, or imprison him.  However, when Ammon was brought before Lamoni and they asked why on earth he had decided to go wandering around in Lamanite territory, Ammon told them that he merely wanted to live among the Lamanites for a while.  This impressed Lamoni so much that he actually offered to let Ammon marry one of his daughters.  Ammon, however, declined and simply offered to be Lamoni's servant.
His first test came while he was watering Lamoni's sheep.

Fare thee well, friend!

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