Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Oh badness, I am sooooooo sorry, many many many apologies for leaving it like that, these last couple weeks have been a complete nightmare.  But, I'm back!  Again, so sorry.
*ahem*  Shall we continue?

A few years after Alma took the judgement seat, he started to notice that the members of the church were beginning to turn wicked.  In an effort to stop this, he decided to give up the judgement seat entirely and gave it to a man named Nephihah, then started traveling around the Nephite country to preach to the church members.  Everything was going really well, until he came to a city called Ammonihah.  Nearly all the people there had completely rejected the church, so when he came to preach, they threw him out.  He was on his way to the city Manti, feeling like a failure, when one of my favorite scripture encounters EVER happened.
An angel appeared to Alma.  Again.  As a matter of fact, it was the exact same angel that had chewed him out all those years ago.
I can only imagine the panic he felt then, since last time he saw an angel he was immobile for three days.  However, this particular visit was a bit more on the positive side.  The angel told Alma he was doing great, that God was pleased with him.  Then he told him to go back to Ammonihah, because there was still work he needed to do there.
Alma obeyed, but he had to sneak in, since they had, you know, thrown him out and all that.  While he was walking, he ran into some "random" guy in the streets and asked if he would be willing to feed a hungry prophet (I think hospitality rules must have been much friendlier in this culture than in ours).  The man, Amulek, was genuinely eager to help Alma, and told him he had a vision where an angel showed him Alma and told him that if he would house him, his household would prosper.  Alma spent several days with Amulek, but soon the both of them went out to preach to the people of Ammonihah.
They had no idea what was coming.

Fare thee well, friend!

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